"When we heal and love ourselves we heal and love others."    


Mini Retreat

One Private Yoga Class Followed by an Amazing Massage 



3 Sessions for  $175 each. 


The mini retreat is the combination of a private yoga class followed by a healing massage.

This is a three hour experience, designed for your specific needs. 

A private yoga class will be invigorating or relaxing depending on your personal need.

And the massage will further your relaxation and assimilation of your yoga practice; physically, mentally and emotionally. 

The two together is used to facilitate healing and clearing of old energies and blocks so that you can feel truly refreshed, aligned and clear.  

Yoga sometimes stirs up some of our holding of old traumas, emotions and things we have been holding in our bodies. So, a massage is a beautiful complement and further clearing of emotional releases, if they happen to arise.

The result is the experience of clear, balanced tranquility. 

This is a perfect experience for anyone feeling 'stuck' or moving through a big life transition or if you are seeking a nourishing and revitalizing  experience.