What to expect:

Wear comfortable clothes.  You can bring your own mat or one will be provided.

Expect it to be an additional 15 minutes for intake information and filling out the form.        

Expect to leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and loved.                                                    

To schedule an appointment for a private class call, text or email Melissa:                                

  •  (828) 406-4477
  • melissa@givingtreestudio.org
  • Location: 107 E. Park Ave Greenville, SC  (downtown Greenville)

You can also join me for a group class or workshop  at the following studios:

Rates & Policy:

Yoga For Special Children:

  • Demo class is Free
  • 45 min session $45
  • 60 min session $60 
  • 5 class pass $300

.....If you buy a five class pass you also get the the supplemental videos for take home practice. Each video is designed specifically for your child's needs and is usually $50 extra (So this is a good deal) . It's five videos per package. 

  • Supplemental videos are $50 extra. 
  • Yes! Gift Certificates are available. You would be offering an invaluable gift to someone.

Private Yoga Classes:

  • $60/60 mins
  • $90/90 mins


  •         Package of 3 1hr. massages $195 ($65 per massage)  

                Package of 6 1hr. massages $360 ($60 per massage) 

                 $70 for One Hour


  •        Package of 6  90 minute massages $540  ($ 90 per massage) 

                $100/ 90 minutes

               $140/2 hr. per session          



*There will be a $25 charge for canceling/changing within 24 hours of the appointment. 


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