Giving Tree Yoga and Massage Studio is a private inclusive studio space located in downtown Greenville. Melissa Pollard Helms is a massage therapist and yoga teacher with a passion for healing and well being.  In her experience,  yoga and massage are wonderful tools that promote wellness. 

She feels that life's greatest challenge is opening the heart and staying connected throughout life's ebbs and flows. Yoga and massage provide ways for us to soothe our nervous system, calm the hurried pace of our lives, and provide space for our heart's inner wisdom to prevail as the dominating source of our expression.

Yoga for beginners

This is a light-hearted private yoga class created with love and acceptance. Each class is designed to meet your unique body and physical needs.  You will gain tools for learning healthy posturing of poses, become familiar with the language, and hopefully feel a deeper sense of acceptance for your body and your practice.

Private restorative classes

These classes are designed to support well being. These classes are composed  of long holds in deeply supportive poses, using bolsters (pillow-like support), blankets and props.

There is the option of hands-on massage, thai yoga stretches and stretches, energy work, and aromatherapy.

These are wonderful classes designed to calm the nervous system. When the nervous system is calm,  the mind is calm and the benefits of this are: better sleep, more intimate relationships with our inner being, and therefore those around us. Also a subtle, deep release of the connective tissue can serve to relieve constrictions of postures or tight muscle groups. 

"Subtle, yet effective". Cheri Clampett

YOGA for Children with Special Needs

Melissa is now offering private yoga for children with special needs!!     


Yoga, depression, anxiety, & trauma  

Melissa has training in many different modalities including Life Force Yoga, which is yoga for anxiety, depression and PTSD.  

Melissa’s intention is to create a space to meet our own courageous hearts and to open more simply to challenges rather than move away from what ails us with complicated avoidance processes. Most of us do both, sometimes we open and sometimes we close. A supportive and loving environment can encourage a deeper, more compassionate relationship with ourselves and therefore with life.

***I am not certified to diagnose or prescribe treatment. This practice is best suited for those also being supported by other therapy.


Group Classes

Trauma informed Restorative Yoga Classes. Monday Evenings 6-7:15 at the Log Cabin at Mcpherson Park downtown Greenville. Cost is $15.oo for drop-in. Please contact me about purchasing a 6 class pass. 

2nd Tuesday of every month, Restorative 7:15-8:15 Yoga East Studio

And Semi Private Restorative Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday  evenings at Giving Tree Studio if you would like to join the waiting list, please email me at